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    Get Started

    The initial task upon entering the Worksimplicity Dashboard is to add team members and configure essential settings.

    How to create Projects and Tasks

    With Worksimplicity, you can efficiently manage your team’s projects by assigning tasks and tracking progress. You’ll have a clear overview of each project, including tasks in progress, upcoming presentations, and a record of project discussions.

    How the task function works

    In Worksimplicity, in addition to task assignment, deadline setting, and task prioritization, you can easily track the status of ongoing tasks and quickly identify those that require your review for accuracy.

    How to receive notifications

    Worksimplicity ensures that project owners and team members stay informed through timely notifications for any project or task updates. This keeps your team members focused and performing at their best for each task and project.

    How to setup goal

    You have the capability to establish specific targets for your team members and even offer rewards for achieving these targets. This feature ensures that your team members not only have a clear understanding of their goals but also motivates them to perform at their best.

    How to send broadcast

    To efficiently communicate with a specific division or all your team members, utilize the broadcast feature, enabling you to share vital updates with just a single click.

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    Rustam Sandegi

    Founder WorkSimplicity